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Hi I'm Josh
I am currently studying Bachelor of Sport,Health and Physical Activity (Specialising in Outdoor Ed) at Flinders University In my second year. 
 I found my love for Outdoor Ed in High school, meeting two great teachers Nick Sward and Mike Meredith. They Introduced me to the world of Outdoor Ed and sparked my passion for it. 

My passion for Outdoor Ed only continues to grow and I plan on sharing my growing knowledge with as many people as possible either in teaching or working in the Outdoor Field. 

I am up for anything so feel free to contact me on my email: or Phone: 0418688309   

My Goals 

As I am a young adult, I am continuously expanding my knowledge and capabilities, this means I am open to everything. I am keen to get as much experience as possible and that only comes with opportunities. If you were to give me the opportunity to work with your company, I am sure you will I will do my best to seemingly slot in with your team, bringing my kind, honest, open, hard working characteristics with me. I wish to work with a wide range of participants, as you can never be to young or old to experience the wonderful place of South Australia and the endless Outdoor experiences that a wait. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Where am I at?

While I am happy with how much I have achieved over the last three years, It might not be enough to grant me a postion at Wilderness escape as a Leader on their programs. As I have completed the necessary training for most of the topics, I belive I would be a perfect assistant to a leader. I have the knowledge and capabilities to bring to a session but lack time in the leading position. Next year I am focusing on gaining higher qualifications for kayaking, bushwalking, MTB and Rockclimbing. With this I expect myself to become a better leader, importantly being able to take on more responsibilities  when taking on Outdoor sessions. As I've established different pedagogy's and threshold concepts, I'll be able to use them out of University and into your program. I would be grateful for the opportunity to work with your program, as I've heard many positive things.  

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