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Critiquing Resources & Micro Tutorials

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Critiquing the Micro tutorials and resource At the start of the semester we were split into pares which were allocated to a certain topic, in my case my partner and I produced a pamphlet on how to setup a tent with extra tips and information surrounding tenting. This also included various YouTube videos to help make the process of setting up a tent even easier. Other groups focused on many other topics such as First Aid, Weather, Minimal Impact, cooking with trangias etc. After everyone had completed their topic we were able to look at everyone’s topic to see what they did and how they went with producing it. Nearly all of the group members produced great work with information surrounding their topic I had no idea about. In fact, some of the tutorials were that helpful that I might use them as a backup in the future or even to hand out to other students or friends which wish to learn more surrounding that topic.

This was also the same for the Micro Tutorials for the Deep Creek bushwalk which we just completed. The Micro tutorials themselves were good but being able to read all their information from the computer was even better. Specifically I liked Tony’s Micro Tutorial in person, but the extra information she had on her post allowed me to gain even more information which was great as her topic can be touchy for a few people so being able to read it in their own time would be perfect. Overall I cant say many bad things about the first tutorials and micro tutorials. They all had a different style and were loaded with important information any beginner to the Outdoor Ed scene would find extremely helpful.

Example of at least one of Resources and Micro Tutorial

A1 Tent Presentation (1)
Download PPTX • 881KB

Bush First Aid
Download PPTX • 19.17MB

Download DOCX • 183KB

HLPE 3532_ Assignment A1 Weather Powerpo
Download • 2.03MB

HLPE3532 Trangias
Download PPTX • 2.11MB

Local Indigenous Knowledge (1)
Download DOCX • 492KB

MACADAM, Antonia Micro Tutorial Brochure
Download • 515KB

Micro tutorial astrology research
Download DOCX • 23KB

Download PPTX • 7.35MB

Download DOCX • 6.46MB

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