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Planning and Preparation Documentation

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Kuitpo Forest Documentation

2020 Kuitpo Forest Day Walk Info Pack (1
Download • 3.16MB

Morialta: Rock Climbing Documentation

2020 Morialta Climbing Info Pack (1)
Download DOC • 4.76MB

Deep Creek Planning Documentation

Deep Creek Planning Package Leaders Pack
Download • 5.36MB

Importance of Planning and Preparation The Planning and preparation of a field trip is very important, it allows the participants of the trip to get to grip on what they should expect while completing the trip. The documentation has information important for the participant and their care takers. The participant will find key information which will allow them to successfully partake in the trip. This will include date times, what to bring with them on the day, locations/maps. The information in this documentation is also important for the care takers of the participant, it tells them how to contact the leaders of the trip if they are in urgent need of contacting their child.

The risk managements are also important for both participant and leader to be aware of, it has an extensive list of what risks which are possible to happen throughout the field trip.

Overall the planning and preparation stage allows both the leader and participant to understand what will happen on the trip, as well as trying to reduce the questions asked before the trip, also what risks are possible.

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