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Reflections and Self-Evaluation

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Day walk Reflection:

On Wednesday 15th of July, our group met at Kuitpo Forest for a fun day of walking and orienteering. For some this was their first time orienteering and being at Kuitpo Forest. Throughout my secondary education, I took Outdoor Ed as a subject which meant I went up

to Kuitpo Forest a couple times, both for Bush walking and orienteering which meant this day trip at Kuitpo was similar to what I have already done. As I had already been there I was confident to speak up on the Orienteering and day walk with the knowledge I already learnt. As some students had not done much Orienteering, it meant they struggled with using their maps and how to use them. While Wally did a great speech on how to quickly use them and what the day would look like, I was able to use my knowledge on how to use a map for bushwalking and orienteering.

At the start of the day, we were split into two group, one going with Dave and our group going with Wally. Wally introduced himself to us and went straight into how to pack a leader’s backpack for either a day walk or bushwalk. This was definitely handy as everyone has different tips on what to bring and how to pack it. We talked as a group on what we knew about map and compass use and what gear is suitable for day walks and bushwalking. As we were group one, we headed off on our day walk with Wally leading, a couple of us group members were quick to comment on if we should have a back marker which Wally quickly agreed to. I volunteered to be the back marker with a couple friends staying back to talk to with. The walk went smooth with a few stops for breaks and questioning. Once we got halfway, we had the choice to either take the easy route back by taking the fire roads or to bush bash straight though the woods. Thankfully, the group decided to take the exciting route back bus

h bashing. It was a good learning curve for many of the group members, most of them realising the compass is not as hard to use as they thought. After finishing the walk, we had lunch while getting prepared for our orienteering. Before heading off Wally gave us a quick walk down on what to expect while orienteering. Before we knew it we were off orienteering, my group was Erin, Sophie and myself which was good as Erin and I had lots of prior knowledge about compass and map use, while Sophie was brand new to all of it so she needed help getting to grips on everything. It was good for Erin and me to pass on our knowledge to someone knew to Outdoor Ed. We ended up missing the last two due to our time limit finishing but compared to other groups we did a decent job. To finish off the day Wally gave a little speech about what we had learnt and what to expect with our ongoing studies. To end off the day in an exciting fashion we got to see a Suzuki Swift get rear ended by truck, thankfully they were not injured. Overall, the day was great, got some extra experience and had fun with good people.

Rock Climbing Reflection:

On Friday 17th of July, myself, Dane and Kate met at the nearest pub to Morialta Conservation Park. We all carpooled up to the parking which luckily we did as there was not enough parking for all of us. Unlike the day walk which I was very familiar with, I have not

had much practice at Rock Climbing which meant I was slightly nervous for the day. After waiting for the first group to finish and some late arrivals, we headed down to where we would be rock climbing. Prior to this I had never been to Morialta before which meant everything was very knew to me, but I was quick to embrace the beautiful surroundings. After a quick walk we made it to where we would be gearing up and was introduced to Alicia as well as our good friend Alex who would be helping us out throughout the day. After a quick briefing by Joss we headed down the side of the cliffs to get to where we would be Rock Climbing. Once we got to the rock climbing spots I quickly lost all my nervousness and was ready to take everything in.

The first thing which I learnt was six steps you should always complete before starting to rock climb. Its as simple as ABCDEF with all letter meaning something. A: Anchor. B: Buckles. C: Carabiners. D: Device. E: Ends of rope and F: Final check by friend or instructor. I had no prior knowledge about these six steps and is why I may have been nervous about the day. After learning these steps, I realised that rock climbing is a lot safer then expected.

As long as you follow these steps there is a very low chance of anything bad happening which was quite relieving.

Once we had a run down of what will happen for the day, we split into groups and spread out across the different climbs. My group consisted of Kate, Erin, Monetta and myself, we were at all different levels of climbing which meant we could cheer each other on. The first climb was the lowest grade which meant it was the easiest climb which was handy as it meant we could all warm up on a climb we could felt comfortable on. After all of us had completed the first climb we moved to the next one which was graded higher. This climb pushed a couple of us but for myself I felt comfortable and was prepared for something a bit harder.

Before I had the chance, Joss called us over to try out some abseiling, once again this was brand new for me but instead felt excited to do it. I was keen to do it so I stepped up and went first, luckily I feel comfortable with trusting Joss and made my way down the side of the rock which definitely got the heart pumping. The experience was definitely worth it and will be something I plan on doing soon again. With the abseiling done, I was able to complete one more climb which definitely tested my physical ability.

With the day wrapping up, Joss gave us a quick brief on how the day went and wrapped everything up back at the cars. This day was something I was definitely nervous about but after finishing it, I now have a new excitement to go out and Rock Climb more.

Deep Creek Bushwalk Reflection:

This bushwalk was very exciting for me, firstly I was going to a place I had never walked before which I heard was beautiful as well as knowing I had a good group of people to walk with. The day started pretty early with me picking up Andrew from Maccas on the way and meeting Joss and Dane at the carpark at 8:00am. We made our way down to everyone else in the hired van. We had a quick briefing from Joss and were also talked to by Maia and Sam, our two group leaders. Maia had a look though my rucksack to make sure I had everything needed for the bushwalk, she also handed some equipmentt to me which I would need to take for the group. After everything was sorted out we hoped on the bus and made our way to Deep Creek having a quick stop at a bakery for lunch. At Deep Creek we split into two group with Maia being my groups leader and Sam being the other one. With a quick brief we he

aded off to our first campground Tapanappa in our two groups. The walk was very scenic and showed off what SA had to offer with a quick visit by a friendly brown snake making the day that bit more exciting. Before we got to Tapanappa we had a quick brief from Joss around the clouds and their patterns which I found very interesting and useful. We made our way into Tapanappa with the weather on our side allowing us to set up the tents not in the rain. The first night was an eventful night with a good dinner and some fun social games. We planned our route for the next day and got some much needed rest.

The second day we woke up to a lovely morning, once again the

weather being on our side, unfortunately bad weather was near and meant we had to make a difficult decision to alter the walking route and bus it closer to our second camp ground which was Eagle Water Hole. As this affected how long we were going to walk, once we got to camp we had the choice to either stay under cover and play some games or go for a walk to the beach. This was a hard decision for many people but for myself I was clear that I wanted to complete the extra walk because I wanted to see as much of Deep Creek as possible. It may have been a wet walk, but the journey was worth it. With the day ending, we all had dinner and had a few people complete their micro tutorials. To end off a good day we had a quick recap and planned for the last days route.

Waking up at Eagle Water Hole was very nice, especially with having no cars driving around. We had a quick briefing and headed off on our last day of walking. After walking for a bit I decided to run my micro tutorial. I decided for my micro tutorial to have a injury scenario which meant I had to let Tony on in it so she could fake rolling her ankle. The scenario went to plan with Maia and Sam having to step up to the situation and decide what to do. After 10 minutes, the group got together where I could explain what had happened and why I chose to do that for my micro tutorial. We finished off the walk in good fashion with everyone in a good mode. Before getting back to Flinders we stopped at a Bakery where Joss gave a debrief and allowed us to reflect on our experience we had with great people. This bushwalk was definitely an enjoyable experience due to the group of members and Deep Creek itself.

Self-Evaluation: So far in this topic, I have seen myself grow as a person and gained more knowledge then I ever could have expected. The day walk and orienteering helped progress my map and compass skills by being able to share my knowledge with the other group members. While Kuitpo F-

orest was enjoyable, rock climbing at Morialta Conservation park was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time in the outdoors. The reason is probably because it was new to me which meant everything that was happening was new and exciting. Rock climbing can definitely be stressful for new people, and I am still new to it but have a better understanding of how everything works and why it’snot as scary as you may think it is. The bushwalk was also great for my progression, I may not have been a leader, but I was always there to help a hand, sharing my knowledge with some of the less knowledgeable group members, even if this was just by showing them how to setup their tents. This topic has exceeded my expectation even it a such a weird time like this. I was able to brush up on lots of my bushwalking and orienteering skills as well as having a crack at rock climbing which was an all-new experience for me.

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